Guide to Sell

Before you set out to sell your gold Jewellery follow these tips to make sure what you get back in cash is worth parting with Jewellery that often represents cherished memories.

Evaluation of Gold Jewellery

Carefully evaluate every piece of Jewellery that you are looking to sell. Most pieces of gold Jewellery have some emotional value. Make sure that emotional value does not out weigh the price that you will receive. Ideal pieces of Jewellery to consider are broken items, earrings with a missing pair, or outdated items with no emotional meaning.

Jewellery Appraisal

Have antique or intricate Jewellery appraised before selling it to a buyer that pays by weight. Designer or antique Jewellery could be worth more to sell as a finished piece than for its gold metal.

Know the Price of Gold

Keep up with the prices of gold at mcx gold price. The price listed will NOT be the price you will get for your Jewellery. The price on mcx gold price will simply give you a reference point when comparing multiple offers.

Get Realistic

For most people, selling gold Jewellery will not make you rich. It might, however, put some extra dollars in your pocket. Remember that you will only be getting paid for the amount of gold in your Jewellery, minus fees the company has to charge for refining.

Guide to Buy

Know your Purity of Gold in India

Gold jewellery is rarely made from pure gold. Most jewellery in the United States is 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold that is comprised of gold and other alloys. In india , the purity will be 18-karat tp 22-karat When selling your gold, you will only get paid for the parts that are pure gold. Ensure bis BIS Halmarked jewellery.

Find a reputable buyer

Check that the business has a license to buy gold jewellery in your state. To ensure a company is reputable, see the companies profile which has any customer ranking at just dial , google, and other social media, having to do with buying or selling gold jewellery check whether the shop is located at secured main area for safty purpose.

Shop around

Get bids from multiple companies before you settle on a buyer. The offers you receive may vary significantly depending on where you sell it.